Static Cling

Here’s another cool marketing item we cooked up for the original run of BRAT PACK from King Hell/Tundra back in 1991. It’s an 11″ x 17″ window cling with our ubiquitous tag line printed on it. I doubt we invented the window cling, but we must have been among the earliest to adopt it as a cheap strategy. Retailers loved ’em because they were so easy to put up and take down; no muss, no fuss. Fans would cut them up and rearange the words in their car windows.

I’m sharing it now, along with some of the other marketing stunts we pulled back in the day, to remind you all that the brand new fourth printing of the BRAT PACK trade paperback, complete with new cover and remastered interior art, is being solicited in the March PREVIEWS. Be sure to get your order in to your retailer this week. And if you are a retailer, order a ton now to avoid those odious reorder fees later.

And if you haven’t actually read BRAT PACK, you can savor the first issue free as a 7meg pdf download.

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