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Another Serbian Connection

Here’s an interview with me that was recorded and illustrated by famed Serbian cartoonist Aleksandar Zograf. It was conducted in a lovely park in Amadora, Portugal in 2005. Aleksandar and I were both there for the first ever DREAM COMICS ART SHOW being put on by the Amadora BD festival. The interview appeared in VREME, which is a weekly Serbian news magazine much like TIME or NEWSWEEK.

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More After Dinner Sketching

The orchids on our coffee table. Marker in sketchbook.

My Card

One of the first things artists learn at art school is to design and print up a bunch of business cards to hand out to editors and publishers. Being cheap and eccentric when I launched my comics career circa 1980, I decided to save on printing bills by hand lettering and coloring a bunch of cards with Dr. Martin dye laid down with an airbrush. The trick worked too! People in the field that I gave them to immediately recognized they were hand made and remembered me.

This last surviving example is a bit worse for wear having been push pinned to the walls of all the various studios I’ve worked in over the decades.

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Cocka Doodle Doo

A ball point pen, a sketchbook and an empty mind = a metaphysical landscape.

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Own An Original SWAMP THING Cover!

I think this is the last SWAMP THING cover I have; an interesting brush, ink and airbrush combo of ABBY in smothering distress. Size is 11.25″ x 17″. It’s in great condition except for a very small staple tear in the upper left hand corner. I’d like to get $500 for it.

If you are interested in owning this piece, get in touch. Or of you are looking for an original from some other era in my career browse through the gallery and see what is still available.

After Dinner Sketching

Some evenings, after dinner and with the dishes done, I’ll flip through a few magazines or a newspaper until I find an image that I feel like sketching. As an exercise, and to catch some sort of spontaneity, I usually try to execute the sketch in a fine marker directly with little or no penciling. This is one I did last week from a photo in ARTFORUM of the painter, Larry Rivers.

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Jeeziz! How Big IS This Thing?

After a few weeks of black and white art, it’s time to run a little color. This is the big reveal page from GREYSHIRT: INDIGO SUNSET where we finally get to see THE LURE; a serpentine monster that’s been sucking the life out of people in Indigo City for a hundred years. Script and art by me, color by Wildstorm FX and lettering by Todd Klein.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of reading GREYSHIRT: INDIGO SUNSET, my good friends at should have it in stock.

Cholly Bran Speaking Serbian

I got a nice surprise yesterday when copies of STRIPOLIS arrived from Serbia. STRIPOLIS is a beautifully designed and executed anthology of comics put together under a government arts grant by a bunch of comics loving Serbian artists. It includes a translated version of my Mad-meets-undergrounds send-up, NUTPEAS.

If the idea of government sponsored arts grants for comics sounds strange to Americans, it is quite normal in many parts of Europe. All the European comics festivals I’ve been fortunate enough to attend were subsidized by municipal and state cultural funding. Imagine that!

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Comments Are On, But…

When I started this blog a year and a half ago, I had been moderating a message board for over ten years and, sick of dealing with spam and crazies, didn’t enable the comments feature. I’m going to try turning it on for a bit. If cleaning out spam becomes a time eater I’ll have to switch it off again. But until then I encourage your thoughts.

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Above is a marker sketch, from a photo, of a manatee.

Superheroes In Dreams

We bring Dream Week on the blog to an end with superheroes, which seems to be a regular theme in my dreams. Not surprising considering their archetypal nature. If you are joining us late, be sure to click over to the ARTHUR Magazine site for an extensive interview with me about dreaming, dream work and dream comics. Superman©DC Comics

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