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Collossal Kirby Mitts

Here are the pencils to yesterday’s inked FIRESTORM commission. If you compare the two, you’ll notice the hands are a bit different. That’s because the person I was doing the piece for pointed out that I’d given FIRESTORM gigantic hands in the manner of Jack Kirby. Sometimes you can’t help your roots, but I was happy to rework the art so the hands were more in line with actual anatomy.

Firestorm Commission

Here are the inks to another recent commission. I’ll post the pencils tomorrow. The window of opportunity to order your own commission piece is still open. If you are interested, send up a flare.

A gaggle of my other commissions are available for viewing too. Firestorm ©DC Comics

Big Dots And Pulp

One of the great things Chip Kidd did was to make a thing about zooming in on old cheaply printed pulp comics. The distressed dots, the pieces of wood floating in the paper and the grayed out blacks combine with the crude boldness of up close brush work to create a fresh graphic magic that’s part junk culture nostalgia and part pop art.

Just for funsies I’ve zoomed in on a panel from AMERICA’S BEST HEROES story. It’s not a fifty year old comic but a modern story designed and colored to look as realistically retro as possible. Pencils and colors by me and inks by Andrew Pepoy.

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From the BRAT PACK review at Batman Obviously.

That’s A Mouthfull

Marker in sketchbook from photo, 1998.

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Own Luriel, The Love Supreme

I’m offering this page of original art, from SUPREME #50, for sale. It’s page 13 and shows the angel LURIEL, who SUPREME loves, having a hard time adjusting to life in the real world. Script by Alan Moore. Art by me in my retro style. Lettering, on the boards, by Todd Klein.

The page is in perfect condition. I’d like to get $225 for it. If you would like to make it your own, just get in touch.

UPDATE: We have a buyer.

There are other pages of original art available, from all across the spectrum of my career, in the gallery.

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Hypnagogic Vision

Saw this clearly as I came out of a dream. Made the sketch immediately afterwards.

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Today’s Post is Brought To You By BLTCH!

Back cover to 1963: HORUS LORD OF LIGHT. Script and art by me.

Dream Artists In Dreams

When I had this dream I was thinking a lot about how to market RARE BIT FIENDS and survive financially as a dream artist. But I had no idea Kurosawa had made a film of his own dreams. Pen and ink, 1994.

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Another Form Of Perversion

A page from the 1990 “Seduction Of The Innocent Revisited” by John Fulce displaying the opening sequence from SWAMP THING #81.

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