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Here’s a nice double page spread from SWAMP THING 76 I’m offering up for sale. Script and penciling by me, inks by Alfredo Alcala and lettering (on the boards) by John Costanza. It features THE DEMON and PHANTOM STRANGER observing the moment of conception when the SPROUT enters ABBY’s womb. Then the action moves to Heaven’s North Slope where GOOD and EVIL hold each other in eternal balance.

These pages were done on the extra large size art paper that DC used for a while in the 1980’s, so the whole spread, on two separate boards, measures a whopping 24″ x 19″. Below are closeups each of each board.

Both pages are in very good condition with the usual amount of editorial blue-lining and a few lettering corrections. I’d like to get $350 for them. If you are interested, just shoot me an email.

UPDATE: We have a buyer.

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