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Dream Of The Dream Comic

Sometimes, while I was doing RARE BIT FIENDS, I dream about a previously unseen issue of the comic.

Moldy Old

Between TWO FISTED ZOMBIES and Kubert School, I spent a few years scraping for whatever art jobs I could such as sign painting or logo design. Here’s a moldy sticker that turned up this week, probably done by me around 1974 for a local rock band.

Happy Anniversary

I grabbed this off the shelf this morning thinking it might look interesting on the blog. It’s the first trade paperback collection of THE ONE and the very first King Hell publication ever. When I checked the date I was astonished to see that come December I’ll have been self-publishing for twenty years!

Masked And Supersticious

Another sketch from an image on that old book cover I mentioned.

Dream Of A Famous Cartoonist

From RABID EYE. Pen and ink, 1994.

Them Thar Pencils

I should have mentioned when I posted the inks to this commission that Superman and Batman are © and ® DC Comics (except maybe for the part of Superman that the courts have restored to the estate of Jerome Siegel.)

The Supes/Bats Thing

Another commission piece; this one meant to play off the personality contrasts between Superman and Batman. I’ll be running the pencils tomorrow.

If you are interested in commissioning a piece from me, shoot me a line.

Samples of other commissions can be seen here.

Science Hero Style

A page from the faux “SCIENCE HERO STYLE” catalog that ran in AMERICA’s BEST COMICS 64 PAGE GIANT. Besides clothing samples, each page contained a continuing story of Mel, an Indigo City hoodlum, similar to the “Hero Of The Beach” ads. Story and art by me. Lettering by Todd Klein.

Heart And Soul

Pen and ink, Dr. Martin dyes, 1999.

Masked And Abominable

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