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Secret Origin Of The Sentry Part 5

As Paul and I gleefully riffed on how we would depict THE SENTRY through the various decades, we realized we couldn’t use the names of any real artists or writers. The crux of our scheme was that the character had been around for sixty years, but it wouldn’t be fair to say he’d been written by Stan Lee and drawn by Jack Kirby, John Romita, Neal Addams, Jim Starlin, Frank Miller or Rob Leifeld. So we decided to create our own nom de plumes.

I’d been playing around with an anagram program on my computer and come up with a variation of my own name that I liked: CHICK RIVET. Paul quickly anagrammed his name and decided he’d be JUAN PINKLES.

The addition of our literary doubles implied how SENTRY had not only been forgotten within Marvel continuity, but by the real world as well. More tomorrow.

Above: 1970’s SENTRY by Rick Veitch

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