Secret Origin Of The Sentry Part 6

Jenkins and I followed up our diner plotting session with a bunch of phone calls, further honing and developing our pitch. Paul wrote an outline and I did the concept art you’ve been seeing here. We were both excited; Paul was going to get to do his “What if SUPERMAN was real?” bit and I was going to get to play in the Marvel sandbox of characters (and art styles) that had heavily influenced me growing up.

We knew our idea asked a lot of Marvel continuity, but the company was on the skids and that is often the best time to pitch something revolutionary. The Marvel Knights line was proof of that.

Paul set up a meeting with Quesada and took the train down to the city. I waited for Paul’s call letting me know if it was a go or a dud. More tomorrow.

Above: 1980’s style SENTRY by Rick Veitch

  1. mark masztal July 5th, 2009 2:56 pm

    NIce Frank MIller feel on this Rick. I’m loving your take on the time periods, the ever-changing costume styles and art styles of the hot artists of the periods. Jim Lee/Marc Silvestri going to be next?