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The Secret Origin Of The Sentry Part 8

I never got a chance to read the complete SENTRY series after it finally came out but I did see a couple issues. It looked really good and important elements had changed considerably with the new creative team. Jenkins and I had envisioned SENTRY as a completely original mid-level superhero, on the level of IRON MAN or DAREDEVIL. In the series he became one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe; pretty much a SUPERMAN clone dressed in the requisite cape and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound etc.

In the issues I saw, the retro element was scaled back too, with much more focus given to the present day SENTRY. I think that was the part of the character Paul really wanted to write and it certainly played to the strengths of Jae Lee’s dark brooding artwork. I do think those guys make a fantastic team. By an odd coincidence, I happened to read their TWO-FACE graphic novel right after I’d seen THE DARK KNIGHT movie and was struck by how much the filmmakers had lifted from it. The visual tone, the police procedural, whole scenes and many panel layouts are taken directly from Paul’s and Jae’s work.

Above: 60’s SENTRY by Rick Veitch