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Midsummer’s Dream #11

Midsummer’s Dream #10

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We Interupt This Dream For A Word From Our Sponsor

This is a page of original art from SUPREME #50, “A LOVE SUPREME”. It features the death of SUPREME’s beloved LURIEL, an angel who has descended from idea space only to be corrupted by humanity. It’s in perfect condition. Pencils and inks by me, script by Alan Moore and lettering on the board by Todd Klein.

I’d like to get $250 for it. If you are interested in making it yours send me an email.

You can view the other pages of original art I’ve offered; a lot have found buyers but some are still available.

Midsummer’s Dream #9

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Midsummer’s Dream #8

Midsummer’s Dream #7

Midsummer’s Dream #6

Midsummer’s Dream #5

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Midsummer’s Dream #4

Midsummer Dream #3

Interestingly enough I dreamed all last night I was flying. I experienced the same warm pulse in my chest and did the breast stroke to rise up up from the ground.

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