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Ghosts On Mongo

The fine folks at Flesk Publications sent me a copy of an astounding book today. The title is AL WILLIAMSON’S FLASH GORDON; A LIFELONG VISION OF THE HEROIC and I’m here to tell every collector and fan of Al’s art you are going to want this on your bookshelf. Mark Schulz has edited the definitive and complete collection of Al’s FLASH GORDON work. Kudos, Mark!

What’s especially amazing about this book is that many of the stories are scanned from the original art, which Al had kept since he began work on the character in the sixties. Actually he’d been obsessively drawing FLASH since he was a little kid in Bogata and there are generous samples from that early period too.

It was especially cool for me to see the reproductions of original art from Al’s adaption of the FLASH GORDON movie. I was acting as an on-again off-again assistant to Al while he was working on that project and being able to peruse them again brought back warm and wonderful memories. Above is one of the pages I penciled parts of. Al did the layout and figures, but I worked out the speedster and the exploding city. Al’s pen-work, of course, is what makes it sing. He is a modern master and the true heir to Alex Raymond.