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The Whole Universe: First Photo!


Physicists have long tried to theoretically define the size and shape of the expanding universe, but now we can see it! Scientists at Miskatonic University recently succeeded in rigging up some sort of camera device designed to capture images from outside time and space. I don’t know how they did it either, but was staggered to see this first ever photo of, well, the whole kit and kaboodle. Not sure where the Big Bang is in there, or where we are for that matter. But it does kind of change everything, doesn’t it?

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Rhapsody In Blue


From “My Blue Heaven”, Swamp Thing #58. Words by Alan Moore, lettered by John Costanza, Alfredo Alcala inking me. Colors by Tatjana Wood. ©DC Comics Pencils



Another Out-Of-Context panel to exercise the imagination. What came before? What after?

This is from ABRAXAS AND THE EARTHMAN. If you’ve never read it, you can pop over to my store and pick up a copy.

The Flaw So Exquisitely Magnified


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Christmas Commissions?


As I post the inks to this recent piece, the leaves are changing. That means December is just around the corner so anyone contemplating a commission as a holiday gift ought to think about contacting me soon to ensure they’ll have it under the tree.

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That Magic Moment


Here’s the penciled version of a recent commission. It depicts the moment, seen only briefly in THE MAXIMORTAL, when DR. BLASPHEMY peels away TRUE-MAN’s government brainwashing.

If you are interested in a commission piece, send me a smoke signal!

And feel free to check out my other commission pieces.



Another comics/poetry collaboration with Peter Money.

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Up The Nostril Shot


The business end of the eyeless Star-Nosed Mole. Marker in sketchbook from photo.

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Own “Who Is Greyshirt?”


Here is the original art for the first issue cover of GREYSHIRT: INDIGO SUNSET. It’s executed in pen, brush and ink on an 11 x 17″ Wildstorm board. The piece is in excellent condition with the newspaper headlines pasted up perfectly. I’d like to get $550 for it. If you are interested give me a shout.

Other original art, some sold and some still available, can be viewed in the gallery.

The Red Book


While I’ve tried to make my blog about my own art, every once in a while something really cool comes along that I want to let people know about. What’s got me excited is the publication next month of THE RED BOOK from W. W. Norton. The RED BOOK is an illustrated dream/vision diary kept by Carl Jung and heretofore unseen by scholars or the general public.

Jung worked on the RED BOOK for twenty years and it looks gorgeous in the photos. He claimed many of his most important psychological concepts, like synchronicity and the collective unconscious, evolved out of this dream art. He understood he was in a dialog with the deepest parts of his own unconscious, knew there was wisdom in there, and used the painting as a method to intuitively get into the visual language it was speaking. What remains is a monumental cartography of Jung’s soul.

All dream artists quickly realize the powerful intuitive compass we have at our beck and call, and how honed it can become with use and attention. If you’ve been baffled by my dream comics, this is exactly what that part of my creativity is all about. Hmmm, maybe this post DOES touch on my own art…

Photo © The New York Times.

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