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More Moolah Madness



Another crazy currency collaboration with Peter Money.

Filthy With The Money



Another graphic poetry collaboration with Peter Money (that’s his real name). Always looking for an interesting new delivery system for poetry, we came up with these bills. I make the collages and Peter provides the poem.

Our secret plan is to print them up and leave them in laundromats and waiting rooms ala Jack Chick.

Denizen Of The Mind’s Eye


Another image that my imagination spontaneously “saw” and I immediately got down in the sketchbook.

Chris’ Dream Inked


It was, after all, a recurring dream.

Chris’ Dream Commission


Here are the pencils to Chris McPhereson’s commission piece. He asked me to do a RARE BIT FIEND of a recurring dream he had as a kid.

Other commissions are always on view. I’m still accepting new commissions too.

The Action


A collaboration with poet Peter Money (his poem, my graphics).

Panel Within Panel


This out of context panel from TOMORROW STORIES #8, “THINX” with words by Alan Moore, lettering by Todd Klein, coloring by Bad@ss. Art by me.

Brain Matter


Actually it’s a leaf of some sort of cabbage growing in our garden.

I Read The News Today, Oh Boy


Happy 09/09/09


Don’t know what it is about that old paperback cover with dozens of tiny blurry photos. Even though I can’t make out any detail I just seem to enjoy sketching these ancient masks.

I don’t have a clue as to which era and culture they came from. While I sketch my mind is wandering and wondering about the artist who hands-on made the original artifact back who-knows-when. What were those eye-slits all about? And why the distortion?

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