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Krackle Abstract #6


Forgot about this, too! After I’d done the black and white Krackle pages, I began to think the flaming symbols could be interpreted as some sort of arcane knowledge thrown to us by the gods. I was sitting on my deck on a warm summer night when I thought how the symbols, in color, might make interesting big canvases. As this thought crossed my mind, I kid you not, a shooting star trailing bright green fire went right across the sky!

This particular piece wasn’t meant to be a finished painting but a smaller mule to help me solve technical problems. The hardest part was laying down the little circles that make up the Krackle so they were nicely round. By thinning acrylic with India ink I was able to do it with quarter inch circles. But the larger, inch wide circles I needed for the final piece never came out right. Also, the tediousness of the technique lost the spontaneity that makes the Kirby Krackle really work

Krackle Abstract #5


Found another page I’d forgotten about!

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Krackle Abstract #4


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Krackle Abstract #3


Krackle Abstract #2


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Krackle Abstract #1


I love the Kirby Krackle. It was one of Jack Kirby’s signature graphic tricks developed during his mid-Marvel years which went on to become an essential part of the Marvel house style. Using nothing but little black dots, Jack was able to create incredible pulsating energy patterns that delighted and amazed the eye.

I like building those pulsations myself, often using nothing but a vague shape in my mind and a loaded Speedball pen tip. This is page one of  a (so-far) four page abstract exercise using only the Kirby Krackle. I’ll be running all four pages over the next couple days.



Here’s a blast from the past; 1984 to be exact. This is page 1 of my contribution to TIMESPIRITS #4, with a script by Steve Perry. I’m told by TIMESPIRITS co-creator Tom Yeates that there will be a collection of this much-loved EPIC mini-series from Image sometime in 2010.

Special ‘My Computer Died’ CLEARANCE SALE Of Original Art!


Well, the good news is the hard drive is okay, meaning I haven’t lost any files. But the bad news is that the logic board of my trusty old G5 has given up the ghost and its time for a new mac (along with the latest Adobe CS). To help defray the costs, I’m running a special 20% off clearance sale on the unsold original art I’ve been offering here on the blog! Any pieces that don’t move in the next couple weeks, I’ll take down and return to my convention portfolio. So if you’ve been considering a Veitch original, now will be the best time ever to shoot me an e-mail. Click on the links to see the pieces I’m offering.

First up is the complete 4 page STORYBOOK SMITH story from JUDGEMENT DAY #3. Script by Alan Moore, art by Rick Veitch, lettering by Todd Klein. There can’t be many complete Alan Moore stories available anywhere. I was asking $900 for this complete story, now $720. UPDATE: We have a buyer for STORYBOOK SMITH.

Next is a beautiful faux-Kirby style SUPREME original, Page 12 from SUPREME THE RETURN. Was $300, now $240.

A killer BLOODHUNTER cover; originally $375, now $300.

A gorgeous ABBY AND THE SPROUT page; SWAMP THING #74, Page 19. Was $150, now $135.

A hilarious and surreal collage piece, from my collaboration with Steve Bissette on Stephen Spielberg’s 1941. Was $300 now $240.

The last SWAMP THING cover that I have, from #81. Was $500, now $400.

The kick ass JAIL BAIT splash from GREYSHIRT INDIGO SUNSET. Was $300, now $240.

A completely insane Nazi Cockroach page written by Alan Moore for TOMORROW STORIES #11. Was $250, now $200.

An amazing SWAMP THING and METRON page from SWAMP THING #62. Was $200, now $160. UPDATE: We have a buyer for SWAMP THING AND METRON.

And finally the cover to GREYSHIRT: INDIGO SUNSET #1. Was $550, now $440.

Prices do not include shipping and insurance.

Beheading Zone


Pencils to the cover of ARMY@LOVE #11 (which was also used on the second trade paperback collection; GENERATION PWNED).

Four Panels That Say It All


From a dream I had in 1973 and later turned into comics. It’s included in the CRYPTO ZOO collection, available at my on-line store.

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