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Own A Swamp Thing And Abby DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD!


Here’s a monster-size piece of original art. Two pieces, actually; pages 10 and 11 of SWAMP THING #72 with ABBY and SWAMP THING canoodling in the swamp while CONSTANTINE tracks down clues to the coming apocalypse in some remote jungle location. Originally created on the extra-large boards DC used back in the mid to late 80’s, this baby measures a whopping 25″ x 20″! Script and pencils by me, inks by Alfredo Alcala and lettering by John Costanza. Here are each page in close-up:


In the printed version a ghostly image of SWAMP THING appears kissing ABBY in the last panel. This is included as a photostat overlay of the original art.


Both pages are in excellent condition. I’ve been getting $375 for these double page spreads. If you’d like to make this one your own just give me a shout.

UPDATE: We have a buyer.

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