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Here’s a lovely pin-up page from the first 1963 title, MYSTERY INCORPORATED, that I’m offering up for sale. It’s a full page shot of CRYSTAL MAN in action, wading through rivers of lava in an exploding volcano. Pencils by me and inks by Dave Gibbons. The two captions, written by Alan Moore, are cleanly pasted up and the piece is in perfect condition. I’d like to get $300 for it.

If you are interested in having this on your wall or as part of your collection just send me an e-mail.

Veitcher’s Creatures


Thirty-two years ago I was in Hy Eisman’s Humor and Cartooning class at the Joe Kubert School. Hy’s a great guy and a fantastic teacher who suggested if I ever did a newspaper strip the perfect title would be “Veitcher’s Creatures”. I never got around to going the syndicated route but I did use the title on one of Hy’s assignments. Can’t say he got the humor, but watching him do a double take was half the fun of his class.

Nice Doggy. Nice Kitty.


A page from another story intended for BIZARRE ADVENTURES that never saw print. Stephen Perry wrote the script for “Here Lies A Cat” inspired by a gravestone I found at a farm-house I was living in. The inscription read “Here Lies A Cat, Driven Crazy By Three Incidents”.

Prehistoric Hand Lettering


I found this scrap of Strathmore in the back of the “1963” drawer. It’s my hand lettered captions for cover blurbs.

It’s strange to think that this is considered a dying art. Computer lettering sure is convenient but…

I’m A Yankee Doodlin’ Boy


A marker, a sketchbook and before you know it there’s a weird guy with an attitude.

Faces In The Crowd


John Totleben sneaks Steve and Maia Bissette, myself and Alan Moore into a crowd scene while inking my SWAMP THING #37 pencils.



I’m on the road for the next few days and won’t be able to update the blog so it’s a good time to post this. It’s a four page collaboration with Peter Money, one of our best I think, and needs to be read in one fell swoop rather than over four days.

Only SUN Dares!


From HERO! Comics #4, 1965. Pencil on typing paper.

Lead In My Pencil


Pencils to Page 5 of ARMY@LOVE #2.



A marker sketch of a photo showing a volcanic explosion from space. I dug the way it sort of bubbled up on top.

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