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The Triptych Commission Complete


Here’s the assembled triptych commission. Unfortunately I can’t post it any wider than 470 pixels here on the blog, but the three originals together add up to a piece that is just under a yard wide. As I mentioned in the first post, I tried to make each panel stand on its own but also work together with the others as a single whole. I think the tree in the center, with its mirrored shapes of roots and branches, pulls it together nicely.

You are always welcome to peruse my gallery of commissioned pieces. And if you are interested in a commissioned piece of your own, just get in touch. I do enjoy being challenged.

Triptych Commission Right Panel


Here’s the final panel of this interesting commission. Tomorrow, I’ll post the assembled triptych.

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Triptych Commission Center Panel


Here’s the center panel for the triptych. The person who commissioned it had very specific gremlin types in mind which he forwarded reference for. Man– those ears were tough!

I see that Rich Johnston over on BLEEDING COOL has linked to the first triptych post. If you are a Bleeding Cooler visiting for the first time, welcome. This is my retinal blog, image-heavy and bloviating-light, to which I’ve been posting my own stuff from a lifetime of making art. I hope you’ll take the opportunity to dig in.

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Triptych Commission Left Panel


One of the interesting things about doing commissions is the nature of the requests I get. I’ve done loads of double paged spreads before but never once thought of attempting a triptych. This project was a colossal amount of work but I quite enjoyed doing it and am delighted with how the thing came out. One of the problems was structuring it. The person who commissioned the piece had strong ideas of the characters and action he wanted to see and I felt, to be successful, each panel should stand on its own then work together with the other two as a whole.

I’ll be running all three of the panels over the next three days, then follow up with a shot of the whole thing together. Here is the left side panel with good old SWAMP THING charging in and taking out a gremlin archer.

You can check out a whole gallery of previous commissions on this blog. And if you’d like to arrange a piece (or a triptych) for yourself just shoot me an e-mail. SWAMP THING is © DC Comics.

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Doodling My Way Through Life


A pen, a sketchbook and an empty mind. Circa 1998.

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Sherlock Holmes


No, I haven’t seen the new Sherlock Holmes movie, but with the full frontal marketing blitz for it going on I thought it might be nice to run a page from the MAXIMORTAL sequence that the great detective appears in. Holmes is one of the few people smart enough to figure out who and what the MAXIMORTAL really is. If you’ve never read it, you can pick up a signed copy of the MAXIMORTAL at my on-line store, of course.

Cthulhu Wishes You an Eldritch Holiday


Even the Elder Ones get a little sappy at Christmas.

Happy Solstice


A little holiday multiculturalism with the cover to RARE BIT FIENDS #11.

Three-Fisted Artist


Me in 1972 while working on TWO-FISTED ZOMBIES. Photo by Deedee Jones

More Bizarre Christmas


Here’s another page from the Christmas story I did with Steve Perry back in the mid 1980’s for Marvel’s Bizarre Adventures. It was tough shoe-horning all the points Steve wanted to make into the art but he had an authentic personal perspective on the downside of Christmas that comes through nicely.

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