Swamp Thing Smash!


DC has just released the second SWAMP THING hardcover collection of Alan Moore, Steve Bissette and John Totleben’s groundbreaking run on the title. Shawn McManus and myself also have stories included in this volume. Mine is “The Brimstone Ballet”, with Totleben inking my pencils. While the hardcover is in full color, the above page is scanned from the black and white TITAN editions, which allows some approximation of John’s incredibly detailed ink line.

Also included in the hardcover is “Down Amongst The Dead Men”, with a fair amount of uncredited ghosting by me in service of Steve Bissette who needed help making it through the special double sized annual.

I don’t have a direct link, but a recommended place to order these hardcovers on-line is PaneltoPanel.net. Good people, good service and exclusive bonus goodies with many orders.

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