Triptych Commission Left Panel


One of the interesting things about doing commissions is the nature of the requests I get. I’ve done loads of double paged spreads before but never once thought of attempting a triptych. This project was a colossal amount of work but I quite enjoyed doing it and am delighted with how the thing came out. One of the problems was structuring it. The person who commissioned the piece had strong ideas of the characters and action he wanted to see and I felt, to be successful, each panel should stand on its own then work together with the other two as a whole.

I’ll be running all three of the panels over the next three days, then follow up with a shot of the whole thing together. Here is the left side panel with good old SWAMP THING charging in and taking out a gremlin archer.

You can check out a whole gallery of previous commissions on this blog. And if you’d like to arrange a piece (or a triptych) for yourself just shoot me an e-mail. SWAMP THING is © DC Comics.

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