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Own “THE BOMBING OF DRESDEN” Double-Page Spread!


It seems like the original art that sells the fastest here on my blog are the double paged spreads. People seem to like the double wide size and the elastic effect it has on storytelling. Here’s a double page spread that takes that elastic effect even further by rotating it. You would have had to turn your copy of SGT. ROCK #359 sideways to read this piece.

This 16″ x 22″ spread, which I’ve had to reduce to 470 pixels here, is a striking “BATTLE ALBUM!” about the fire-bombing of Dresden in 1945. A really great short script by Bill Kelley. Art and lettering by me and I was very proud of it when I showed it to Joe Kubert. Because this double page spread is so unique I’d like to get $450 for it. If interested owning it, shoot me an e-mail.