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Own ‘The Lady Or The Tiger’ Cover Art!

This piece was done for the cover of GREYSHIRT: INDIGO SUNSET #2. It’s in perfect condition and I’d like to get $650 for it. If that sounds like a lot bear in mind one of the other covers in this series just sold for $1600, so I think it’s a fair price (and a good investment). If you are interested in making it your own, e-mail me.

1963 Medium T-Shirts Are SOLD OUT!

The response to the 1963 MYSTERY INCORPORATED T-Shirt Warehouse Find has been fast and furious. As of yesterday we are completely cleaned out of MEDIUMS. Today I have just 13 LARGE shirts left. If you are interested in making one of these vintage retro beauties (still as-new in the bag) part of your personal wardrobe you better fire off an e-mail to me ASAP!

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Embarrassing Wetness

And once you’ve got your 1963 T-shirt, use it to full effect as a Fearless Master Of the Olfactory Fighting Arts!

Retro Warehouse Find!

Here’s the perfect fashion statement to complete the retro mood I’ve been putting you in for the last couple weeks. My old pal Bob Chapman, who heads up GRAPHITTI DESIGNS found a few dozen original 1963 T-SHIRTS in his warehouse. These are gorgeous 100% cotton heavyweights, color silk screened on two sides, and featuring MYSTERY INCORPORATED artwork by myself and Dashing Dave Gibbons. Naturally I bought the lot to offer them to my favorite customers and here on my breathtakin’ blog. Check out the vintage advertisement, retouched for the new offer, below.

These retro garments are still in their bags and in like-new condition! But the important thing to remember is they are available only in two sizes: LARGE and MEDIUM one size: LARGE.  And supply is extremely limited. Once the few dozen I have are gone, that’s it. So shoot me an e-mail to reserve your shirt before they vanish like the Silver Age itself!

UPDATE: The MEDIUM’s have SOLD OUT.  All I have left are LARGE (and they are going fast!)

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Advantage Comics #103, the first appearance of KID SUPREME!

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You Will Never Forget The Tormented Monster That is The Shadow Kid Supreme!

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The Sweetheart Supreme!

In the published version Ethan’s thought balloon reads: “How HUMILIATING! Robbed of my powers I’m as helpless as a KITTEN!”

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The Death Of Supreme

And annuder.

See The World Turned Upside Down!

More faux-silver age covers from SUPREME #52 A and B. This one is from ACTUAL COMICS #294 featuring “Super-Dax VS. The Crook Of Chrome”.

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The Evil-Doers From Beyond Eternity!

Another faux Silver Age cover from SUPREME #52 (which was supposed to be an 80 Page Giant but got cut into two issues, 52A and 52B). This one was ADVANTAGE COMICS and like yesterday’s post was drawn very small to fit two to a page so the inking is a little rougher than I’d normally like. Also wish I had good copies with the logos and lettering, but I don’t even have the original comics anymore.

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