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Giant Bug Attacks!

This was a color portfolio piece I whipped up about the time I graduated from Kubert School. Still teaching myself airbrush and working, I think, from a book of electron scanning photographs.

Army@Love In The Raw

From ARMY@LOVE #10, pencils for page 15.

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Demon Sketch

I did this sketch of Jack Kirby’s DEMON at a comics symposium in 1986! Found the scan on-line.

The Brain Zoo

Somewhere in the early 1980’s Steve Bissette and I bounced a completely abstract comic story back and forth titled THE BRAIN ZOO. It was a free form jazz kind of comic; some real collaborative Art in the midst of our commercial work. Here’s a couple panels of one of my bits. Photo-collage, airbrush, pen and ink.

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Slow Mo

This bit from GREYSHIRT: INDIGO SUNSET was meant to slow down time, much like they do in some film action sequences. And much like what happens in real life when your body floods with adrenaline.

I think the trade paperback of GREYSHIRT: INDIGO SUNSET is very nearly sold out. It is no longer available for order from although I hear retailers can still get copies through Diamond.

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Sketches Of Spain

A SWAMPY sketch I did for a fan at the comics festival in Granada, Spain.

The Face In The Back Of The Mind

Pick up a pen and a sketchbook; empty the head of all thought and let ‘er rip. Greetings from the Id.

The original doodle is about one inch wide.

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Night Of The Octopus!

One of the highlights of the Granada Festival I attended last week was being treated to a local Spanish delicacy: boiled octopus! Eduardo and Alejandro, two of the festival’s organizers, brought in a cook recognized for her mastery of the dish and invited all the volunteers, artists and authors to a big feast!

The wine flowed and soon traditional wooden plates, which are cooked along with the octopus, began to appear before us heaped with buttery tentacles.

It looked like something from the depthes of a methane sea on Venus, but it tasted incredible. And of course, cartoonists will be cartoonists. Jim Salicrup wasn’t the only one to pose for tentacle-hanging-out-of-mouth photos.

Soon the wine was replaced by another local tradition; a sweet and delicious distilled drink that clocked in somewhere in the neighborhood of a hundred and eighty proof. Pornsak Pichetschote and Joe Kubert, along with everyone in the hall, were soon grinning bear to ear.

The evening progressed to a line of local men singing a bawdy ditty that involved a lot of crotch grabbing. Any further photos that were taken are too blurry to publish.

Dream Of My Comics Journal Interview #8

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Dream Of My Comics Journal Interview #7

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