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Dream Of My Comics Journal Interview #1

Back in the mid-nineties, while I was still beavering away on RARE BIT FIENDS, I did an in-depth interview with THE COMICS JOURNAL (which appeared in #175). During the sessions with Jeremy Pinkham, which went on over several weeks, I had this dream, which seemed to reference the interview as well as the comic book wars that were part of my story. It also seems to hint at memory suppression. I drew it and published it in RARE BIT FIENDS #7.

This particular story was done on the old Craftint paper, which offered two tones by applying special chemicals to the boards. The originals have a reddish tint that photographs as black. I’ve scanned from the originals here and thought it interesting to keep the red here on the blog.

It’s an 8 pager and if I can program the calendar correctly a page a day should get posted automatically while I’m on the road.