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In 2001 Here’s What I Predicted For 2011

The last bit of my TCJ interview with Mike Dean on the internet and comics.

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More Ten Year Old Blather

Another chunk of the TCJ interview back in 2001. I just noticed that Mike Dean’s question got cut off in the scan. He was asking me: “What was your first experience of the internet? How smoothly did you interface with this medium?”

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Another Hand Of Doom

Things have been crazy around here so I haven’t been able to post every day. Here’s some eye candy, another wrist blaster sketch, until I get the next bit of my interview up.

Ten Years Gone

Another bit from my short 2001 interview with The Comics Journal’s Mike Dean.

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Back To The Future

Another bite from my decade old Comics Journal interview, trying to describe what I was doing with the SPLASH. I didn’t have the word “blog” in my lexicon yet.

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Predicting The Glorious Future Of The Internet

Second installment of my 2001 Comics Journal interview about the internet and comics. Mike Dean is asking me about The Splash, which was a comics news site I ended up writing at the time.

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At The Birth Of Blogging

Ten years ago the word “blog” had just been invented. I’d heard the term but didn’t apply it to my own activities which were, now that I think of it, “blogging” on comic book news for the web site, THE SPLASH. They didn’t have blog software in those days but I had a primitive set of fields Steve Conley created for me that I had to laboriously cut and paste headlines and stories into. Here’s an interview with me right about that time; 2001 to be precise. The COMICS JOURNAL’s Mike Dean and I are discussing what the internet was and where it might be going. It’s fun to see what I had wrong and what I had right.

I’ll be running the whole thing in bite sized bits over the next few days.

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Barking Bark

Another collage piece from the late 1970’s.

Fickle Finger Of The Future

Pen and ink.

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The Face From The Back Of The Flat Files

Digging through some art I found this collage piece I did in 1979.

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