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This was an illo I did for the Shadowhawk trading card series. Created by the great Jim Valentino, this Image hero was one rough dude; his trademark move was breaking the backs of criminals. Shadowhawk is ® Jim Valentino.

Hero’s World Mural

In the early autumn of 1976, Joe Kubert pulled in a mural commission from local comics retailer, Ivan Snyder. One warm weekend Joe brought a gaggle of newbie students to the garage of the carriage house and we painted a full color superhero mural on plywood panels from his rough sketch. The piece fronted Ivan’s store in a local mall for many years. Here’s an advertisement I drew for that same store showcasing that same mural. It ran in Ivan’s catalog.


Back in the mid-90’s, the self publishers organized a communal sampler titled GASP. I did this logo concept for it that never got used.

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