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Apologies to those of you who suffer from insect fear, but its summer and I’m finding lots of interesting bug corpses. As long time readers of this blog know, I can’t resist scanning them at high rez to check out the detail. This is a moth who’s mouth mandible thingie seems to have got caught in the window screen from which I plucked him. Click on the image for a larger version (if you dare!)

Moortek Italian Style

Here’s page one of my MOORTEK THE MIGHTY relettered for the Italian version of George Khoury’s “The Extraordinary Works Of Alan Moore”. Click on the image for larger size.

Unemployed Man

One project I’ve been working on over the spring has been THE ADVENTURES OF UNEMPLOYED MAN. It’s masterminded by Gan Golan and Erich Origen who had a hit with their GOODNIGHT BUSH parody book a couple years back. Here they’ve written a retro romp that interprets the current global financial imbroglio into classic deadpan superhero shtick. The writing is quite well done and had me laughing out loud when I first read the script. Besides myself they’ve brought in art greats like Ramona Fradon, Michael Netzer and Terry Beatty to visualize the thing. Here’s a sample page of my pencils. Click on it for a larger version.

Oh and you can discount pre-order the book for ten bucks over on


A friend emailed me this scan from a mid-1990’s issue of Steve Peters’ AWAKENING COMICS. It’s a jam issue that Steve organized on the self publisher convention circuit; passing a notebook from artist to artist with the idea being to riff on the last panel. It’s a bit hard to make out but that’s my contribution on panel 4.

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The Giant Bee

Actually I think its a hornet. I found it on my windowsill this morning. Scanned at 9600 dpi.

More Bilko Variations

Click on the image for larger more readable size.

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Yes that’s my mug peeking over the cards in Brian and Kristy Miller’s MASTER DIGITAL COLOR book. The original art is from RARE BIT FIENDS #1 with color by Brian.

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The Bilko Variations

Photoshop play, mashing up Bilko, 60’s era Superman and the Bible. Click to view in a readable size.

Take A Peep At My Pan, Lady!

In the comics I made as a kid, I had a character called The Beast, who looked like the Hulk and acted like Ben Grimm. Hero Comics #11, May 1966.

Self Publisher Anxiety Dream

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