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Midsummer’s Dream #11

Another comics related dream from the 1974 series.

Midsummer’s Dream #10

This one from 1974 didn’t specifically mention comics, but its all about being an artist.

Final Flight Of The Bumble Bee

We were tying up Cindy’s tomato plants when Kirby found this bumbler who didn’t make it back to the hive last night. This is the poor feller’s back at 9600 dpi.

Midsummer’s Dream #9

This qualifies for one of the most amazing dreams of my life. It features the dream diary I was making in 1974 being merged with comics. Twenty years later I took the raw material from that very dream diary and made comics out of it.

We Interupt This Dream To Sell Some Original Art

Here’s a DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD from Tomorrow Stories #5 which I’ve just added to the Original Art Gallery. Click on over for pricing and to see larger versions of both pages.

Midsummer’s Dream #8

More dreaming about comics characters back in 1974.

Midsummer’s Dream #7

A scary comics dream from 1973.

Midsummer’s Dream #6

Another 1973 dream about comics. If you are interested in reading about the context behind this particular series of dreams, pick up a copy of CRYPTO ZOO in the bookstore.

Midsummer’s Dream #5

One of my favorite all-time dreams!

Midsummer’s Dream #4

Dreamed in 1973.

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