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Rarefied Retro

Here’s the splash page to the GREYSHIRT tale in Tomorrow Stories #5. Script by Alan Moore, pencils and inks by me and lettering (on the board) by Todd Klein. The musical notes in the gutters were pasted up by Todd and are in perfect condition as is the whole piece. I normally get $300 for a GREYSHIRT splash like this but for Retro Week I’m willing to take $275. E-mail me if you are interested.

Rippling Retro

This is an 8 x 10″ character sketch from when Alan Moore was reinventing the Awesome Universe. I normally get $100 apiece for these, but during Retro Week it can be yours for $85 plus shipping. Shoot me an e-mail if you are interested.

Raffish Retro

This is the last splash page I have from the Tomorrow Stories GREYSHIRT stuff. This is from the crossover with COBWEB and appeared in issue #12. Script by Alan Moore, pencils by me, inks by Hilary Barta and lettering (on the board) by Todd Klein. I’d normally ask $300 for a splash but in honor of Retro Week here on the blog I’m offering this piece, in perfect condition, for $275. If you’d like it just send me an e-mail.

Retro Rondo

This page of original art is from the first appearance of “Retro Supreme” in Supreme #42 and shows how young Ethan and Radar got their powers. Script by Alan Moore, pencils and inks by me and lettering (on the board) by Todd Klein. It’s in perfect condition. I’d usually ask $225 for something this but during Retro Week I’m selling it for $200. If you are interested, send me an e-mail.

Retro In Regalia

I’m going to put up a bunch of original art pages for sale this week, with the theme being “retro”. Being known as the “retro artist” can be a bit of a pain sometimes because I work in lots of other styles and don’t like being pigeonholed. But at the same time, I love doing it and have been fortunate enough to have collaborated on quite a few faux-silver age stories with Alan Moore. Here’s the first page I’m offering:

This is one of the last pages I have from 1963: MYSTERY INCORPORATED. It’s story page 13 with script by Alan Moore, pencils by me, inks by Dave Gibbons and lettering (on the board) by Don Simpson. It’s in perfect condition and I’d normally ask $275 for it. But for Retro In Regalia week its only $250 plus shipping and insurance. Shoot me an e-mail if you’d like to make it yours.

Eye Of the Dragon

We’ve had swarms of these large dragonflies gobbling up mosquitoes around the pond all week. Cindy found this one, which had given up the ghost, in the greenhouse. Click on the second pic for a detailed close-up of the eyes.

Commissions Are A Go

With all my current deadlines wrapped up, I’m open for commissions again. If you are thinking of a custom Veitch piece, it’s a good time to catch me. Check out info and some recent samples here.

Or you can just e-mail me.

Here’s one I did for the Berlin-based punk band, Erotic Devices.

Midsummer’s Dream #18

This will be the last of the Midsummer’s Dream series (for this summer at least). These comics were based on a series of dreams I had when I was a wannabe cartoonist in 1974. I’ve focused on the comics related dreams here on the blog but if you’d like to read more from this volatile period of my life get a copy of CRYPTO ZOO. There’s an in-depth annotation included in the book that explains what I think the dreams were directing me towards. I can only smile at this one, which is a pretty perfect metaphor for my comics career right now at age 59.

Midsummer’s Dream #17

This is a long one. I’ll post the first half today and the rest tomorrow.

Midsummer’s Dream #16

This dream from the 1974 series gives us a super powered Orion who wants the lethargic artist’s model from an earlier dream.

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