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New Rare Bit Fiends #10

The Halls Of Night

This pin-up from SUPREME #50 is of The Pearl Paragon paying a visit to Professor Night’s Halls Of Night. I don’t think it made it into the Checker collections. My art from an idea by Alan Moore.  Brett Evans provided the color.

I’d like to run some of the parody comics Alan and I did that were in the back of Supreme 52A and 52B. But I don’t have copies. Anyone out there who could provide me with scans?

Still Blooming

The fall colors are going full bore up here in the mountains, with the maples and ash really putting on a show. But fresh flowers are still blooming in the garden. I don’t know the name of this flowering vine, but it’s spring-like colors stood out against the autumn foliage of the peach tree it’s growing up the side of.

New Rare Bit Fiends #9

New Rare Bit Fiends #8

Mother Jones Loves Unemployed Man

Word comes from Gan Golan and Erich Origen that Mother Jones magazine will be running some pages from UNEMPLOYED MAN in the November issue. Here’s one of mine with Terry Beatty on inks. For more info on the upcoming release of the book itself, head over to the official website.

New Rare Bit Fiends #7


New Rare Bit Fiends #5


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