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That @#*! Shirt

The Hardest Shmoozing Man in Comics, Jeff Newelt, has a great interview with Dan Goldman’s web-comics character Jude Tobin over on Comics Alliance. Naturally, Jeff wore his favorite comics fashion to the gig! If you haven’t got your own DR. BLASPHEMY T-SHIRT yet, or need a replacement after wearing the last one to death, we got ’em in all sizes.

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Now That’s A Memorable Quote

From a conversation about late 70’s movie adaptations over on Death To The Universe.

If you’ve never read 1941, we have copies for sale down in the Bargain Basement.


Since I’m not doing a monthly book, I’ve been able to spend some time on my passion: dream comics. I’ve picked up SUBTLEMAN again, which launched in the last issue of RARE BIT FIENDS. The second chapter appeared in THE FORBIDDEN BOOK, and what you see here is the third chapter, in progress. I posted both previous chapters here on the blog last summer if you need to get up to speed.

SUBTLEMAN is an exploration of what might be called my “shamanic” dreams; those mystically charged, magically strange, quantum-tunneling visions that hint at the true nature of consciousness and the multi-dimensional universe. When last we saw my dream self, he’d covered himself in clay, which seemed perfectly fitting. I’ll write more about the direction of SUBTLEMAN in upcoming posts. Meanwhile, enjoy.

Happy Labor Day

Just back from a lovely couple weeks vacation with lots of hot weather and swimming. Summer’s officially over and regular posting of art and artifacts will resume tomorrow.

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