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The Daily Supreme #17

The Daily Supreme Interupted

WordPress has been running sloooow the last two days.  Can’t seem to even upload a graphic.  I’ll continue the Daily Supreme once we see some daylight.

The Daily Supreme #16

Back to the color scans. Click to engorge.

The Daily Supreme #15

Another page that I’m missing the color scan of. Here’s the original art.

The Daily Supreme #14

Oops. Looks like I’m missing color scans of the next two pages. Fortunately I have the original black and white art to fill in.

The Daily Supreme #13

What the hell, here’s another SUPREME story that didn’t make it into the Checker trade paperbacks. I’ll break it up over the next week or so. Story by Alan Moore, art by me, and letters by Todd Klein. I’m not sure who did the color. Thanks to Tom Scioli for the scans.

I do have a few originals from this story (although this particular splash page is gone). If you are interested in picking one up send me an email.

Commission Color

Sometimes the folks commissioning a piece will also want it digitally colored and a nice print made to hang alongside the original art.

Commission Inks

Batman and the Joker are of course copyright and trademark DC Entertainment. I’ll post the color version here tomorrow.

Birthday Bat-Commission

Pencils to a commission some friends chipped in on for a Bat-Fan’s fortieth birthday. I’ll run the inks and colors over the next few days.

You can always check out some of my recent commissions here.

If you are interested in a custom piece of your own, get in touch.

The Daily Supreme Special

The daily strip has concluded, but there’s always room for National Flashlight Battery Inspection Day!

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