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Fom Hot Wax Mealworms’ the review of THE MAXIMORTAL.

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Krackling Color #4

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Krackling Color #3

I sincerely hope this art posting serves, in some small way, as an antidote to today’s Black Friday marketing mind rape going on all across the net.

Krackling Color #2

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Krackling Color #1

This week’s post about the Kirby Krackle got me a ton of pingbacks and a big boost in traffic. If you’re new to this site, it’s a visual blog featuring my work and spanning my whole lifetime. I’ve been posting regularly for about three years now so there is plenty to see. Dig in!

And just to stay in the mood, here’s a colorized version of an abstract strip I did a while back, riffing on the Kirby Krackle. I’ll be running a new page every day all week.

Scientists Discover Kirby Krackle

You might have read the news yesterday that scientists have finally isolated anti-matter atoms. No surprise to us comic book fans that Jack Kirby had been drawing them for years.

Some More Unemployed Man

In my last post I told you about the free online sample, but I forgot to mention where one might go to get an actual print copy of THE ADVENTURES OF UNEMPLOYED MAN. Amazon’s got it for ten bucks and change (and it seems to be climbing the charts over there too).

Here’s another page of my pencils.

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Gan Golan and Erich Origen are out there beating the bushes for their retro-satirical graphic novel, The Adventures Of Unemployed Man. My contribution was penciling one of the book’s chapters and you can now see 11 pages of it, inked by maestro Terry Beatty and in glorious color, over on the Mother Jones site.

Here’s the pencils for one of the faux-ads in the book.

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Out Of Print?

I was checking some of my titles on Amazon and noticed that new copies of GREYSHIRT: INDIGO SUNSET were no longer available for order from them. With ABC and Wildstorm shut down, I’m wondering if it will go out of print forever?

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Faithful Brush Rag

In the end, my trusty wingman on who-knows-how-many-pages-of-comics took everything I could throw at it.

Aghast at my treatment of this classic retro comics shirt? Be advised that I wore it regularly for a solid decade before pressing it into the service of higher art. Were you to purchase a pristine perfect 1963: MYSTERY INCORPORATED T-Shirt of your own; you’d do the same, I bet.

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