1972: Roots Of Two-Fisted Zombies

When I was working on my first published comic book, TWO-FISTED ZOMBIES, in 1972, I was twenty years old and about as self-trained as you can get. I couldn’t handle a brush yet and was working only with a single rapidograph! This page is from that time; a weird sequence I originally did for my own development, not for TWO-FISTED ZOMBIES.  When I showed it to brother Tom, he liked the GREEN HATE character so much he integrated him into TWO FISTED ZOMBIES with a new name: the SPECTRAL ASSASSIN.

  1. Zack Blackstone December 14th, 2010 10:31 pm

    Probably the hardest to find Veitch comic out there. I remember back in my teens – when I first became a fan and heard about this comic, I would try to imagine what went on in this comic. Comics like The One and Bratpack were already so far beyond what I’d known previously – Marvel, D.C… Rick did an Underground comic!? What the hell would that be like? I still don’t know – just a few images here and there. Probably you’ve done crazier work since anyway.
    I’m with your brother Tom on the name change – when I do black and white comics I don’t mention colour – as if it didn’t exist. I don’t want anyone to think of it as missing.

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