I think the only Christmas story I’ve ever done is “My Bizarre Christmas Adventure” ; this five pager from the 1980’s. I illustrated and lettered it from a script by Steve Perry, who was murdered earlier this year. I’m not sure if this story is 100% autobiographical, but the despairing tale of raw alienation Steve weaves certainly jives with how he related to the holiday season back when I knew him. This one was from deep inside Steve Perry’s heart.

Scans are from the original art.  Happy holiday, everyone!

  1. […] the full original art for a very depressing Christmas story, illustrated by Rick Veitch and written by the late Steve […]

  2. Chuck Abernathy January 5th, 2011 7:12 pm

    With a few variations, this was my Christmas in 1980 when I spent Christmas at my empty dorm room at Central Washington University. So many similarities, right down to the way I cut my beard. I have uttered Steve’s words from the second and third panels of the story’s first page many times over the years until I made some significant changes in my life. This piece rings so true. Fortunately my Christmas of 1980 did not end with such a devastating denouement.

    I am sorry to hear about the murder of your friend. I know the territory, and all the platitudes become so empty tired. All my hopes for his friends and family.

    I’ve enjoyed your work since the old Epic Illustrated days…by no means do I have an exhaustive collection of your works, but it may be fairly close to that. I have always appreciated that you do not fear the dark side of the human experience….without it we wouldn’t fully appreciate the joy of it. Thank you so much for the enjoyment you’ve given us over so many years.

  3. Chuck Abernathy January 5th, 2011 7:21 pm

    I just put together who Steve Perry actually was. I remember his sad story from the news, but I did not put together that he was terminally ill and homeless while taking care of a son. Again, reality trumps anything fiction could ever throw at us.