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Coloring Woody

Another find in the ‘Bullshit Scraps’ box! These are my colors to the Wally Wood story Killer Hawks which ran in World Of Wood #4. Tom Yeates edited and Eclipse published in 1986. My part of this story was done in the ‘grayline’ method, the colorist working on a light gray impression of the art and the full black plate laid on top in the printing process.

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Panty Shot

From AMERICA’S BEST. Words by Alan Moore, inks by Andrew Pepoy, letters by Todd Klein. Me on pencils and color (in my secret super-retro color process).

Can’t Think Of A Really Witty Title For This Image

Maybe its a bit too sombre for jokes. Pen, ink and wash. 1991.

Merrily, Merrily, Merrily

Dream jazz. Pen and ink, 1995.

King Hell Throne


Found this in one of my old graphics folders. Not sure if I grabbed it from somewhere else or took the picture myself. You can lose yourself in those textures! UPDATE: Checking the file info, I think I might have taken this photo in 2002 with my old Sanyo. It’s the butt end of a carpenter’s well-used saw horse.

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About Those BRAT PACK Movie Rumors

Comic book news sites have been reporting rumors for the last few months that BRAT PACK has been optioned for a film. Now that contracts are signed, I can say that the rumors are true. ARS NOVA, the New York theater and film group who produced BLACK DYNAMITE, have optioned the rights from me. The deal was repped by Scott Agostoni. Tarik Saleh, who wrote and animated METROPIA, has signed on to direct. Tarik and I have been on the phone quite a bit, and I’m happy to report that Tarik, myself, producers Jillian Apfelbaum and Jon Steingart are all in sync that any film should be built around the same tone as the book. At this moment, Jillian and Tarik are looking at potential screenwriters.

That’s pretty much all I know at this time. More news when I have it!

Bilko Variations #4

‘Ten hut!

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The Bilko Variations #3

Yes, I’m working on the previously announced BONG! Comix. Here’s another taste of some collage fun.

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Beware A Cornered Loman

Pencils from ARMY@LOVE #5, Page 4. Wherein Loman prepares to teach his captors a lesson about turning their backs on a rat in a trap.

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