Panty Shot

From AMERICA’S BEST. Words by Alan Moore, inks by Andrew Pepoy, letters by Todd Klein. Me on pencils and color (in my secret super-retro color process).

  1. BobMarket January 29th, 2011 3:43 pm

    I just picked up a bunch of Tomorrow Stories and Tom Strong back issues for a song in a comic store bargain basement sale, haven’t gotten to tear into them, but am really excited.
    Also, I finally completed my run of Maximortal issues so am almost done reading those, it’s such fantastic/disturbing stuff.
    Question though, how much of the story of Speigel and Schumacher is straight from the annals of actual history and how much of it is fiction? I guess a better question would be, did you have to go to a certain place, (book or person) to research the scummy genesis of Golden Age books and if so, where might one look for more information on the actual events?
    Congrats on the Brat Pack movie news. Sounds like you’ve got a pretty talented team there.