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Famous Dreamers

The first advertisement for RARE BIT FIENDS. From 1963 #6: TOMORROW SYNDICATE circa 1993.

Veitch The Elder

After running son Kirby’s painting a few days back, why not a piece from my Dad’s sketchbook? It’s dated 1925, which would have made him thirteen years old. He’d just arrived in New York from his native Scotland.

Ol’ Blue Eyes

Closeup of the eye of the whale from ABRAXAS AND THE EARTHMAN.

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More Covering of Army@Love

Another unused rough idea for an early issue of Army@Love.

Veitch The Younger

After I posted Dave McKean’s sketch of my son, Kirby, a few folks wrote to ask how he’s doing. Well, these days he’s in his last semester at the New Hampshire Institute Of Art, majoring in illustration. In this age of computer art, Kirby is deeply focused on hand watercolor and, as you can see by this lovely example, is developing a rich, classical style. His goal is to marry his art skills to his love of fantasy writing. He sees himself as a world-builder and, after graduation, hopes to find a job that can make use of those talents. His senior thesis is an experiment in fantasy development called the Orrery Project. Check it out!

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Covering Army@Love

Rough art for an unused ARMY@LOVE cover concept.

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Another Back Of The Drawer Find

Mid-1990’s concept art for a horror movie pitch. I think.

The Big Sleep

Panel from THE ONE.

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Valentine’s Day

From SHIPMATES as reprinted in SHINY BEASTS.

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An abstract created by crumpling up some tin-foil-like packing material and scanning.

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