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I’ve been holding off promoting this amazing book until it became available for purchase. It’s S.R. Bissette’s 400 page analysis of BRAT PACK and the whole teen-age sidekick phenomena in comics, films, television, advertising and every other dark corner of the cultural landscape. There’s also quite a bit of background about me, my history and the gestation of BRAT PACK in the late 1980’s and early 90’s.

This book grew out of an article I commissioned from Steve Bissette when I was planning a special hardcover edition of BRAT PACK a couple years back. I asked Steve to write a short history of what was going on with me, the comics scene and my co-publisher while I was creating the original BRAT PACK. Steve dug into it deeper than I could have ever imagined, producing a voluminous manuscript that threatened to dwarf the graphic novel part of the book! We had begun the painful process of cutting the thing down when market conditions went south, causing me to pull the plug on the hardcover.

Undeterred, Steve kept on going and, relying on his encyclopedic knowledge of film and comics, his vast reference library, his access to the author (me) and his passionate views concerning the exploitation of children in media, he has produced what must be the most comprehensive, contextual, far-reaching and in-depth analysis of a graphic novel ever written. It’s also an entertaining and enlightening journey through the cultural landscape in the company of a master storyteller.

The good news is TEEN ANGELS & NEW MUTANTS: Rick Veitch’s Brat Pack and The Art, Karma, and Commerce Of Killing Sidekicks by S.R. Bissette is now in print from Black Coat Press and available from

Don’t snooze.

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