Archive for March 4th, 2011


If you look down in the right hand column, you’ll find a little animation of the spinning earth. It’s a very cool widget that counts visits to this site. The red dots are left by people all around the globe who have visited since I installed the widget on March 2. The dots that are pulsating represent people who are visiting my site at the moment (one of which will indicate you, dear reader). If you click on the rotating planet you’ll be taken to a larger version with more detailed information. I’ve given mine the headline “Imagine…” for reasons that I hope are obvious. The widget is free from the nice folks at REVOLVER.

My Font In The Wild

I was checking some of the items on the comic book link sites this morning and found myself at CALAMITY OF CHALLENGE. Besides my appreciation of Mathew Allison’s lovingly grotesque art, there was a sudden shock of recognition. The lettering was mine! Mathew was making terrific use of the ComiCraft Rick Veitch lettering font which left me grinning from ear to ear.

If you’re a cartoonist or designer and want to add the Rick Veitch font to your arsenal, you can pick it up from the nice folks at ComiCraft.