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1989: Neil Gaiman, Steve Bissette And Tom Veitch On The ‘Revisionist Superhero’ Part 1

Here is a text piece that ran in the back of the very first book I self-published to the direct sales market in 1989: the King Hell edition of THE ONE. As a historical artifact, it offers a post-Swamp Thing Steve Bissette, an in-progress Star Wars Tom Veitch, and an early-Sandman Neil Gaiman engaged in a roundtable discussion about how much the superhero genre had changed during the preceding decade. I believe it was recorded by Steve at the San Diego comics convention the summer of that year and later transcribed by him. My neighbor typeset it on his Amiga computer. I put together the title and portraits in “The ONE” style from art by myself, Dave McKean, Greg Irons. Special thanks to all those guys!

I’ll run the complete thing in chunks over the next four or five days. Sorry for the truly terrible scans. But this piece probably only exists in the very few beat up copies of THE ONE that are out there and these were the best I could manage without cutting up one of my last remaining examples. As always, click on an image for an easier on the eyes enlargement.

Tomorrow: Antiheroes, Armageddon and The State Of Grace