1989: Neil Gaiman, Steve Bissette And Tom Veitch On The ‘Underground Roots Of The Revisionist Superhero’ Part 3

Tom doesn’t mention it here, but back in the very early 70’s he and Denis Kitchen pitched a Spider-Man project to Marvel that wanted to ignore the usual superheroics and focus on Peter Parker in an undergroundy sort of way. I’ve seen a copy of Stan Lee’s reply saying essentially “Are you nuts?”

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  1. Zack Blackstone March 22nd, 2011 8:53 pm

    You can sort of get an undergroundy feel from some of the Wein/Andru issues if you do ignore the superhero bits. I’m thinking of the ones I have around the period that introduces Willo-The-Wisp…that character himself was trippy-hippy. Anyway, I’d like to see that Tom Veitch comic. Id draw it. Instead of hanging around a coffee shop, Pete and co. would be kicking back at their dealers ‘pad’. Mary Jane indeed. A puff or two would be good for Peter – he was always so high strung.

  2. Zack Blackstone March 22nd, 2011 8:58 pm

    Hey! That would be a good title for the comic! Get it? Spider-Man? smoking dope-high. spider- strung? High Strung! I’ll go now.