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Kickstarting Panel To Panel

Been on the road (and up in planes) for the last week so I’ve been remiss in not posting information on John Rovnak’s amazing PANEL TO PANEL project.  It’s one of those classic labor of love comics collections like we used to see so much of in the 1980’s, but with a stellar line up, cutting edge material and (hopefully) state-of-the-art printing.  We’re talking exclusive new interviews with Alan Moore, Dave Sim, Jim Woodring and half a dozen other luminaries; as well as new works  and commentary by Mark Martin, Mark Bode, Steve Bissette, Stehen Murphy and many more.  I’m excited because Panel To Panel will see the first publication of TOP DOWN; a major collaboration between myself and Peter Money, in which poetry and comix are amalgamated into something fresh and exciting.

The book was originally planned to be print on demand, but John has decided he wants to showcase the material with the best reproduction possible.  So he’s set it up as a Kickstarter project with all the subsequent perks and goodies that donors get for helping fund it.  Please take a gander at this cornucopia of comics goodness and consider joining in the effort to make it a reality.