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THE BIG LIE #1 from Image in September

Sorry I’ve been AWOL on my blog posting, but there’s been a lot of travel and some intense deadlines lately. The travel has been to England and Canada (pix to come) and the deadlines have been for penciling and scripting THE BIG LIE #1 which will ship from Image in the first week of September.

The September ship date is meant to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the attacks on the Twin Towers because that’s the subject matter of THE BIG LIE.  This book is quite a bit different from my other 9/11 themed graphic novel, CAN’T GET NO.  You can find out all about THE BIG LIE and see samples of the cover and inked interior pages on this write up by USAToday.  I’m reuniting with my ARMY@LOVE foxhole buddy, inker Gary Erskine on this one, with Thomas Yeates and Brian Romanoff editing. The project has got an amazing amount of buzz with our initial announcement, including this report over on the HUFFINGTON POST. Be sure to read the always lively comments section!

You can pre-order the comic through Diamond now.  I’ll be running pencils and other samples over the next month.  Above is Page 1 before our Uncle Sam narrator is added and Gary Erskine works his magic.  The finished page is up on the USAToday site.