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Midsummer’s Dream Comix 14

Interesting thing about this dream is that a few months after I had it, it came true! It was a frosty winter early morning when a knock came on our door.  It was a local schoolteacher, who’d gone off the road exactly in the spot shown in the dream.  I walked down to the car with him and we almost slipped on black ice which apparently had formed only in this particular section of highway. As we stood wondering what to do we heard the local school bus coming!  It hit the black ice and lost traction.  We stood there helplessly as it whipped past us, just missing the guy’s car.  The heroic bus driver was frantically counter steering into the skid, first this way, then that.  She succeeded in keeping the thing on the road until she got past the black ice and regained traction.  A cheer came from the students in her bus. The teacher and I looked at each other and joined in the applause. Not sure what the camel chewing my finger has to do with it, but the place and bus elements of the dream were dead on.

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