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Hot Wax

Here’s the recent EP pressing of “We Vibrate” by German punk band, EROTIC DEVICES, with art and lettering by me. These guys have a great driving Ramones flavored sound.

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The Citadel Supreme

Script by Alan Moore.  Art by Rick Veitch.  Lettering by Todd Klein.  Not sure who did the color.

In God We Trust

A nickel I found in the parking lot.  I love how the wear and corrosion abstracts Jefferson’s profile.

UNEMPLOYED MAN And Team Hit Wall Street

Photos of UNEMPLOYED MAN cosplay at the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations are all over the internet. Most off the coverage gets the joke but doesn’t even mention the graphic novel.  Only WIRED connects the dots (but neglects mentioning artists Ramona Fradon, Michael Netzer and myself who drew it). If you haven’t read The Adventures Of Unemployed Man, it’s very funny and very pertinent to today’s headlines.

Here is Betsy Richards and friend hitting the streets as Wonder Mother.  More at WIRED and BLEEDING COOL.

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