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More Snarg Tootin’

Crying Miracleman Inks

Don’t Cry For Me, Miracleman!

The pencil version of a recent commission.  The request was only “Miracleman crying”.  I’ll run the inks tomorrow.

If you are interested in commissioning an original piece of transformative art, shoot me an email.

Playing On The Cintiq

Wheels On Fire For Friedrich

This skull-tastic  T-Shirt is a fundraiser for Gary Friedrich,  the original creator of Ghost Rider.  He’s battling Marvel over what he believes are his rights and in trouble financially (full story here).  Aided and inspired by Ben and Tracy over at World of Strange, myself, Billy Tackett, Stephen Bissette, Bob Burden, Nathan Thomas Milliner, Sam Flega and Denis St. John have collaborated on this exclusive skull themed T-shirt as a fundraiser to help Gary out.  The guy wearing the crown and smoking a cigar is mine.  World of Strange has them for a limited time only at a very affordable $11.99. All profits go to Gary. All glory goes to those who proudly wear the shirt!