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Dusting Off The Blogwebs

Hi!  Remember me?  Rick?  Veitch?  You know, the cartoonist?  I was the guy who used to post every day with some odd-ball artifact from a life-time of making comics.   Yes, I’ve been a sorry excuse for a blogger.  But after a few months down in the commercial art coal mine, I’m crawling into the daylight and hope to be posting again regularly.

I know I promised at least one more post on Joe Kubert, and I’ve got a good one rolling around in the backbrain.

But first I wanted to alert the world that the much-loved, much-missed ARTHUR Magazine is coming back.  And it’s got me answering Jay Babcock’s penetrating and intuitive questions about my dream art and dreamwork.  Alan Moore chimes in too.  The new ARTHUR is going to be print only and tabloid size, so I’m delighted they chose to use my very recent Self-Portrait in Six Dimensions on the cover.  The first new issue (#33) releases on December 22.  You can order a copy direct from their site. Or better yet, subscribe.