Midwinter Night’s Dreams #17

Pen and Ink, 1994

  1. Zack Blackstone January 7th, 2013 8:44 pm

    Just finished re-reading all my Rare Bits ( I’m still missing #10 – which I’m pretty sure if memory serves from reading someone else’s collection has the best mill dream in it ). It’s a good way to escape from the heat here…I’m now going back into it to look deeper. You were really hung up on Dave Sim and his creation during that time. There’s clearly an internal struggle going on. He obviously had a positive influence on your professional life – pushing you to self-publish…but other than that the ideas he’s most known for are negative, huh? In this dream you’re turning him into a child – which would make your relationship with him less complicated. Children are easier to control than adults. In Rare Bits you asked for interpretations, so there’s one. I mean, in another dream you have one of your characters killing his (!)
    Reading your stories from when you were 22, it occured to me that it wasn’t too long after this that you were at the Kubert school – and that since you’ve long kept a dream diary you must have lots of dreams recorded from that time – and that they must be amazing. You’re creative powers coming to fruition, the beginning of your life long friendships with Bissette and Totleben, and Kubert must have seemed like a saviour…all this and more re-interpreted by your unconscious. Man, I’d love to see those comics.
    Any chance you could put up photos of your original art on disply? Images of people’s mind’s melting as they look at them?