A Midwinter Night’s Dream #24

Pen and ink, 1994

  1. Hasse August 13th, 2013 3:38 am

    I’m glad to have recently bought all the original issues of Rare Bit Fiends (those covers are just too great) and when I read this dream it felt very profoundly existential yet also hilarious. My only wish would have been to have a coloured version of the comics though that may have been too costly for something this experimental.

    My favorite thing of yours is probably the section with Alden Hollandaise in Swamp Thing #72. The story-telling in that section uses the medium in an original and perfectly fitting way. I could feel the hectic and motivated nature of Alden in a visceral way simply by following his trail of thought.

    In the end I guess what I really want to write is thanks for all the great work (though I still have yet to read some of it). My comic book collection used to consist only of stories by Moore until his clear appreciation of your work started to dawn on me. Now there is both a Moore and a Veitch collection on my shelf.

    Best regards
    – Hasse