The Complete Magazineland USA

A while back, I ran a few scans from this little gem I assisted Joe Kubert on back in 1976.  You can peruse the whole thing now as 20th Century Danny Boy has the complete book on-line. MAGAZINELAND USA was a special promotional comic book created by and for the printer of almost all comics books in North America, World Color Corp. The story walks the reader through the printing plant,and since I was the studio guy who was pretty good with machinery, Joe had me pencil most of the backgrounds for this.  And I think did the color guides. Looks like Elaine Heinel’s lettering.

  1. Peter Urkowitz February 26th, 2013 12:51 am

    What a find! The expression on Howard the Duck’s face is priceless, like, “What am I doing stuck here among these relentlessly happy idiots?” Also, I always suspected that Effingham was just the abbreviation for the real, obscene name of that town.