Stand Up Tragedy

This is an illustration I collaborated on for an upcoming play in New York City titled STAND-UP TRAGEDY.  The story concerns a teen-age kid in the Lower East Side during the 1980’s dealing with problems at home and problems at school.  The kid has some art talent and an active fantasy life built around his own superhero creation, SAGA but he’s up against some powerful negative forces.  The play was written by Bill Cain and will be performed April 13  through May 4 at Nativity Church, 44 Second Avenue in NYC.  Tickets and information here.

The illustration is a collaboration between myself and Manny Skerret, a talented young student.  I came up with the design and did the outer panels while Manny perfectly captured SAGA as he inhabits the lead character’s teen age imagination. Manny is also doing art and animations that will be incorporated into the performance.

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